What Type Of Records Are Available In Person At Courthouses & Police Departments?

These examples are provided for information purposes only and may not be available to look up or retrieve online.

Examples of Case Documents Provided by Police/Courthouse Sources: Court Access
Certificate of orders, decrees, rulings, judgments or other judicial proceedings. In Person
Court documents and records, including docket sheets from a clerk or court office. In Person
Summons in a small claims action or incident, petition for victim compensation, etc. In Person
Subpoenas, citation notices, writ of habeas corpus, and other essential filings. In Person
Full transcript of any court proceeding (criminal or civil court cases). In Person
Deposition statement, personal recognizance statement, and initial appearance statement. In Person
Official police reports, complete police statements, and official case paperwork. In Person
Jail records, jail bookings, bail/parole documents, probation papers and officer records. In Person
Legal licenses, permits, warrants, complaints, infractions, and many related documents. In Person
Marriage licenses, divorce proceedings, separation agreements, custody forms. In Person
Debt (Liens) filings, including legal judgments with forms, records, and cases. In Person
Lawsuit papers with all applicable forms, attorney letters, and legal records. In Person
Personal wills, various property statements, and complete probate documents. In Person
Complete legal case file with all related police documents, including full attorney report. In Person
Written or typed police report in form of electronic record from the initial/legal complaint. In Person
Civil or criminal complainant's file with all related documents, including court session records. In Person
Lien statements, debt statements, personal loan statements, and bankruptcy statements. In Person
Traffic tickets, civil citations, driving infractions, and car accident reports. In Person
Name change forms and records, address change and relocation records, relatives records. In Person
Records of appeals and reversed case decisions, civil and criminal legal matters. In Person
Tax collector statements, association statements, dwelling records, real estate records. In Person
Prison records including every booking and release form, search proceeding, and transfer. In Person
Police custody records including arrest report, search proceeding, and initial complaints. In Person
Domestic violence and domestic abuse special case records including all statements and forms. In Person
Criminal case depositions and written arguments, as well as court and attorney affidavits. In Person
Criminal indictment and criminal subpoenas, with complete details and district attorney records. In Person
Civil case citation statements with complete legal records, forms, and defendant notes. In Person
Complete electronic version of all case amendments and proposals filed with a courthouse. In Person