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Idaho Court Records

What types of courts are in Idaho?

The courts in Idaho begin with magistrate courts and district courts, which have relatively limited jurisdiction. There are also trial courts that hold both general and limited jurisdiction depending on the case and charges. Above the trial courts there also exists the state appeals court, and finally the state supreme court and the federal court or courts.

Each court serves a different purpose. The federal court hears cases from the single federal district that comprises the state of Idaho. The state supreme court will have jurisdiction over the decisions over lower courts hand down and may also have the authority to take cases it feels should have been assigned to the supreme court initially. The appeals court will hear appeals from trial courts, while the trial courts will preside over high-value civil and criminal cases.

How are Idaho court cases managed?

Court cases are assigned by the enforcing district that creates them. For most misdemeanor criminal cases and civil cases where the value or amount is less than $10,000, the case may be handled by the magistrate division. Probate cases, juvenile charges and cases, and domestic cases may also be seen by the magistrate.

If the value of the case exceeds $10,000 or if the magistrate has made a preliminary determination that the case should be heard by a district court. This will usually be the case for felony charges or any other proceedings that may require a jury trial. The District Courts will also hear appeals from the Magistrate Division.

In cases where a decision from a District Court is appealed, the state appeals court will hear the case. Exceptions to this are if the appeal concerns a capital murder conviction or appeals from divisions of industry or utilities. In those situations, the case will escalate to the state Supreme Court for judgment.

Which trial courts are in Idaho?

There are four levels of trial courts in Idaho, and they include trial by jury as well as by judge or magistrate. Any cases that are too large or high-valued escalate to the appropriate District Court for their judicial district. If an appeal is sought from there the state appeals court will hand down a decision. In rare cases, the Supreme Court steps in.

Idaho Magistrate Division

The Idaho Magistrate Division are highly local courts where the majority of misdemeanor cases and civil cases are heard. Any cases that do not reach the $10,000 potential value cap may be heard by the Idaho Magistrate Division. The local magistrate may approve search or arrest warrants.

The Idaho Magistrate Division will often have jurisdiction over habeas corpus proceedings, as well as most civil, domestic, juvenile, and probate cases. A magistrate judge may conduct preliminary proceedings for criminal charges as well, to decide if the case should be sent to the District Court for felony trials or jury trials

Idaho District Courts

Idaho District Courts hear most of the criminal cases that arise in a particular judicial district. They also hear civil cases where the financial component is more than $10,000. If a magistrate court has handed down a decision that is then challenged, it would be appealed to the Idaho District Courts.

The Idaho District Courts also hold jurisdiction over actions involving post-conviction relief or remedies. These cases often grow out of a challenge to their conviction or imprisonment.

Idaho Court of Appeals

The Idaho Court of Appeals hears cases only on the basis that the Idaho Supreme Court assigns them. There are a few exceptions to this, however, and the Idaho Court of Appeals will hear appeals to established capital murder convictions

Idaho Supreme Court

The Idaho Supreme Court is the highest court in the state of Idaho and the decisions it hands down are final and binding over all other courts in the state. The only court capable of reversing a finding from the Idaho Supreme Court is the United States Supreme Court.

The Idaho Supreme Court is comprised of 5 total judges. There is 1 chief justice and 4 associate justices, with the associate justices serving terms of 6 years while the Chief Justice only serves a 4-year term. They are elected in non-partisan statewide elections that are part of the state primary elections.

What are the federal district courts in Idaho?

The state of Idaho only contains a single federal district court, the United States District Court for the District of Idaho, that covers the entire state with the area of the Yellowstone National Park being exempted. If decisions from the United States District Court for the District of Idaho are appealed, they then flow to the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit

How to find electronic court records in Idaho?

For those who need to research court cases or may need to consult with the state's information for any number of reasons, the iCourt Portal is a convenient way to search and access those records. The iCourt Portal represents the full scope of online records & payments for the Idaho courts.

The same resource can be used to ensure that any personal legal cases are cleared up. Since the database also includes information regarding the payments made on any other charges or cases that may be still pending clerk action in the system.

The system includes historical records from past cases, as well as information current enough that it can be used to check for a party's requests across current hearing schedules and dockets also.