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Types of Court Records:

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Crimes Against a Person

Find his/her court cases that concern offences against another person such as Homicide, Manslaughter, Negligent/Vehicular Homicide, Assault, Battery, Criminal Negligence, False Imprisonment, Kidnapping, Mayhem, Robbery, and Sexual Assault, etc.

Court Case Records

View court records about any available court case with certain information such as case number, defendants details, case summary and type, court date, court type, filing dates, discharge or disposition records, some court filings data, and other records.

Felony Cases

Find his/her court cases that concern violent felonies such as homicide, aggravated battery, manslaughter, arson, burglary, SSN fraud, manufacture of drugs, grand larceny, kidnapping, firearms violations, rape, child abuse, parole violation, assault on an officer, restraining order violation, etc.

Misdemeanor Cases

Find his/her court cases that concern misdemeanor offences such as petty theft, prostitution, public intoxication, assault & battery, disorderly conduct, trespass violation, vandalism, reckless driving, possession of certain type of drugs for personal use, etc.


Find common information and court case records related to various bankruptcy proceedings. Bankruptcy case types include Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 variations. Also find information on foreclosure and other related court proceedings.


Locate lien information and related court records, where available, which would include case number, date filed, filing information, assets, debts, lien amounts and types, as well as a case disposition among other available details. May include tax and property liens.

Traffic Court Cases

Find his/her court cases that concern minor and major violations of various traffic laws, such as Driving Under Influence, Speeding, Aggressive Driving, Hit & Run, and many more. We search through these type of records to compile report on all of the person's citations and driving offences.

Arrests & Warrants

Find his/her court cases that concern various incidents where law enforcement issued a criminal complaint, court summons, or arrested the individual due to outstanding criminal or civil warrants/attachments.

Small Claims Cases

Find his/her court cases that concern litigations and settlements involving smaller amounts of money and personal effects/property. We search these types of records electronically to compile the best possible report on the litigation or lawsuit between two or more people.

Municipal Cases

Find his/her court cases that concern various offences against the city/town, such as parking tickets, public intoxication, disturbing the peace, excessive noise, and many more. We search through these records to find the person's case with local law enforcement and city/town legal records.

Legal Judgments

Search for various legal judgments and court decisions with many details such as judgment amount, judgment filing date, legal disposition, court case information and details, case summary, judgment status, legal records, and other related info.

Driving Records

You'll be able to look up certain driving records and driving citation information that resulted in a court case, with many available details which would include any fine amounts, case types, court records, court decisions and citation status with offender's information.