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Types of Court Records:

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Criminal Records

Criminal law violations that result in misdemeanor or felony charges become criminal records. Criminal case information could include offense details, prosecuting jurisdiction, case number, summary, dates, disposition, sentencing, & other court records.

Police Records

Police records include information about crimes and arrests, police reports, active and bench warrants, criminal investigations, registered sex offenders, and other law enforcement activity from city/town, county, state, and federal police departments, & sheriff's offices.

Felonies & Misdemeanors

Felonies and misdemeanors are types of criminal offenses. They are prosecuted under the criminal code and can result in fines, incarceration, & other punitive measures. Theft, trespass, & possession are misdemeanors, while homicide, rape, & armed robbery are felonies.

Jail Inmates & Prisoners

Jail records include information about inmates arrested on criminal charges and awaiting further sentencing. Prison records deal with incarcerated individuals convicted of crimes in the court of law and serving their sentence in a county, state or federal facility.


Bankruptcy records include information about federal bankruptcy proceedings, debtor details, assets & liquidations, re-payment plans, collections, discharge, and other administrative matters. Chapter 7, 11, and 13 are the most common types of bankruptcies.

Liens & Judgments

Liens, court judgments & court orders, wage garnishments, fund intercepts, and asset seizures are financial recovery instruments used by creditors & government entities. Examples include tax, bank, real estate, personal property, mechanic, and other types of liens.


Civil court records include information about pending and filed lawsuits, arbitrations, contract disputes, disagreements, small claims, and other civil proceedings, with details about the complaint, resolution, outcome, and any compensation, when applicable.

Driving Records

Driving records deal with traffic violations, major collisions and accidents, moving citations, speeding tickets, DUI & DWI charges, civil & criminal penalties, driver's license suspensions & revocations, parking fines, and other driving offenses & DMV actions.

Case Information

Court case lookup could provide relevant case details such as subject's name, address, case number, docket number, jurisdiction, public court records, legal filings, judge orders, case file summary, civil or criminal proceedings, & final case disposition, if available.

District Courts

District courts are trial courts that have jurisdiction over civil cases and lawsuits, as well as criminal prosecutions. District court records include court files, trial processes, fines, claims, reports, clerk's office data, appeals, resolutions, and other judicial matters.

Municipal Courts

Municipal court records deal with information from local town, city, or village court cases such as property disputes, magistrate hearings, ordinance or statute violations, housing, zoning enforcement, common pleas, marriages & divorces, and other types of cases.

State & Federal Courts

State & federal court records include criminal & civil court cases such as tax & financial matters, family law, special jurisdiction, veterans claims, corporate litigations, superior & supreme courts, appellate courts, and other judiciary authorities under state & federal law.